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Affiliate marketers start small and think big.  The unlimited sales potential of the internet is tapped by those who will try anything once, then sit back, give the seeds time to sprout, and keep what works and toss what doesn’t.  The beauty of internet marketing is that it takes lots of time to do well, but virtually no money to get started.  Even the time factor is less as the more successful links become lucrative.  The trick is to not scoff at small amounts of profits.  The fact that you’ve made something is an indicator to pay more attention to that affiliate and to continue to improve the website that had the click through.  This means routinely providing new and, if possible, original content and focusing on ways to draw more traffic.

The internet is a competitive place, but so is the brick and mortar world.  Just think about how many pizza places there are in this world. There always seems to be room for one more. The successful one, is usually the best located, most attractive and fun place to be.  The same is true for websites. What is also true is that no one knows the size of your company by its web presence.  You could be working from a high rise office building with hundreds of employees or be sitting in your bathrobe at your kitchen table. So in this case, size doesn’t matter. It’s good design, intelligent content, productive links, search engine optimization and persistence that pays off.

It is always a good idea to start with niches that you love. This works with websites as it does in life.  And just as in life, there are always new things to fall in love with, especially when they make you money.  It’s similar to mutual funds in the stock market.   Choose a combination of big and small, popular and specialized markets. The specialized affiliates usually pay out more, and the popular ones pay small amounts more often.  Both will contribute to your bottom line. Plus, unlike the current stock market, affiliate marketing is growing and at the moment has a better payoff for your time and commitment.

Then finally, as with any business, keep learning. Read everything you can, join web groups, contribute to and read blogs.  Pay attention to current trends and what’s popular among different age groups, then target your sites accordingly.   You never know where the next idea will come from. Then plant that next seed, water it with love and watch the green grow.

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