6 Ways to Boost your Affiliate Sales

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Over the years affiliate marketing has become more and more competitive. It is one of the best ways to make a living on line but to become safe you need to work carefully and start using some common sense. There are some straight forward but useful methods that can help you as an affiliate marketer and can double or triple the income you receive from your Affiliate Marketing.

1) First, don’t go overboard with affiliate links on your web page because too many affiliate links will confuse your potential clients and therefore they are less likely to use the links. As well as being confusing, you will appear to be going over the top with your links and will appear desperate. You won’t boost your profits by overloading your site; you will in fact end up losing out.

2) Don’t promote any old product just because you may earn a bit; promote only quality products that will produce sales. In fact where possible add links to products that you have used yourself, so that your adverts are honest. If the clients demand their money back from the sale, you don’t get paid. If you can’t be honest when selling the product then look elsewhere, don’t tell lies to make a profit, it will hurt you in the end.

3) Promote only products that are linked to the theme of the site they appear on. For example, if it’s a fishing website don’t try and sell drums, as they bear no relation and won’t make money. Unrelated product links will make few, if any, sales as the visitors to the site won’t be looking for them, you will just confuse people.

4) Don’t take site visitors for granted. A visit doesn’t automatically mean a sale but they may come back if the site looks good and the links are relevant. Don’t push things with the clients, because they will decide themselves whether they come back to your sites or not. They will ultimately choose to buy or not, so just do your best to make the experience of the site the best you can.

5) Choose affiliate partners that make use of trackers like long term cookies. A cookie will tell the affiliate that the link to their site came via the affiliate link in the site you advertised on. Cookies also mean you can refer back to the customer even if they didn’t buy anything. A 30 day cookie means that if the client doesn’t buy first the time, but comes back to buy within a 30 day period, you will receive the commission based on the initial link. You will want a site that has a minimum of a 30 day cookie length, although some affiliate programs offer a 90 day version.

6) With the affiliate link you offer, try and make it a link to the page that holds the product you are selling rather then to the site’s first page.

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